Medical Information – Call Centre Support

Neocubes Pharma provides Medical Information services through its Integrated Response Center, available as per set time based on customer’s requirement per week. The staff of information call center is exclusively with well trained and knowledgeable healthcare professionals at all times to receive, triage, and respond to telephone calls, emails, and faxes requesting information about your medical products. Our skilled agents, many of whom are healthcare professionals, are highly qualified and trained to recognize and document Adverse Events and Product Quality Complaints.

Our global, multi-channel, multi-lingual contact centers provide the flexibility for patients, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical representative to seek answers to their medical information inquiries with developed frequently asked questions (FAQ) database for standard company responses to medical inquiries. In summary, our Medical informative call center having below features;

  • Call Support as per client’s need and Setting up a client-customized Call Center
  • Dedicated team to process large number of adverse events and medical information requests
  • Global & Multilingual Support
  • Medical Information inquiry handling for one or more products
  • Trained and Qualified healthcare professionals
  • Follow-up Calls
  • Proper call response and complete filing of Alert Reports as per client’s need
  • Continuous training of agents/ medical information staff for client-specific processes
  • Full staffing of Call Center with healthcare professionals and physicians for medical oversight
  • Comprehensive enquiry receipt, response/processing and management
  • Ensuring implementation of appropriate quality control and assurance procedures

Our mission at Neocubes Pharma is to provide the highest quality medical information service to healthcare professionals and patients by ensuring all enquiries receive accurate and medically sound responses, whilst meeting regulatory and legal requirements.